Teaching My Kids the Value of a Dollar

Today I finally made use of all the Borax, Baking Soda, and other ingredients I had ordered from Amazon to make my own dishwasher tabs and my own laundry detergent.  I am working hard to find my own freelance writing jobs.  In the mean time, I am determined to save my household money where I can.  (If you need great recipes just see Pinterest.  There are a ton there.  I will let you know how mine turns out before I endorse it. ) As with all my projects, including my projects for my Etsy store, I asked my two kids, almost 17 and 18, if they would like to help. I was surprised when they both jumped in.

For over an hour we worked hard measuring and mixing and overall having a great time.  They were astonished when I told them how much money the end products would save us. My daughter, who is about to enter her first year of college stated, “I am going to make this stuff when I get out of school.”  We both talked about going to a thrift store and looking for a slightly used food processor so she could crumble the Fels Naphtha Soap without too much trouble (both my kids love to thrift with me).  My son was also encouraged by the how long the soap would last and how much money it would save.

When we finished I felt like I accomplished so much.  Not only did I make enough detergent to last my family for probably the next year, but I also felt like I also managed without too much effort over the years to teach my kids the value of a dollar.  My kids have never focussed on labels on clothes.  My daughter was always willing to take hand-me-downs from her younger, yet much larger cousins.  It saved us tons of money.  Now that we are working towards paying for college for both of them, they are both planning on getting part-time jobs and are applying for scholarships.

Somehow, someway, in this materialistic society I taught my kids how to save money and I taught them that sometimes saving money can be a lot of fun.  My daughter is currently working on painting projects that I am adding to my Etsy shop.  She has such artistic talent and I wanted to show her that she could put that to a lot of good use, even if she does not use it full time.  Most of all, I taught them that they are valuable members of my family and that it takes all of us to make our family work.  My husband is taking extra shifts, making and selling his woodworking projects, and taking handyman jobs on the side. I am writing, blogging, teaching and trying to penny pinch our household as much as I can.  Now our kids are helping too.  It just gives me another reason to be so incredibly proud of my kids.


Author: heather.cannova@gmail.com

I am a nurse, wife, and mother of teenagers, pugs, one beagle, and elderly cat. I love to take old things and make them look beautiful - especially when people try to throw them away. I love to garden and read and crafting is my greatest love. Writing was my first major so I am finally getting to put that to use. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia but it does not control me as it used to. I take life as it comes and work with what I have. Life is precious and I do appreciate the simple things in life!

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